Every Alexander Brothers custom was a work of art. Mike and Larry's most progressive cars got special attention for their innovative engineering and creative craftsmanship. Their most noteable honors not only garnered them international respect but inspired them to give back to the custom car community through the Alexander Brothers Award. Browse Mike and Larry's accolades below.

Alexander Brothers Accolades

1958   -  Detroit Autorama "Best Paint"

Mike and Larry showed their first custom, a heavily modified '32 Ford Roadster, at the 1958 Detroit Autorama. Dubbed the Grasshopper for its vibrant green paint job, it fittingly took home "Best Paint" that year. Check out more photos of the Grasshopper here.

1961   -  Detroit Autorama "Best Custom"

Bill Whetston brought a 1960 Ford to Mike and Larry's garage for modest modifications. Shortly after the car was complete, Bill returned to the shop requesting additional changes. The brothers tapped industrial designer, Harry Bradley, to design the rear of the vehicle. They finished one week shy of the Detroit Autoshow where it took home "Best Custom" in 1961. Check out more photos of the Adonis here.

1964   -  Detroit Autorama "Best Custom & Best Paint"

Don Vargo brought in his 1934 Ford to the Alexander Brothers shop hoping to create a car that would look like his friend, Chili Catallo's Little Deuce Coupe. Though Mike and Larry refused to copy the design of Chili's car, they created what would be known as the coupe's sister car. The 69er was shown at the 1964 Detroit Autorama and won "Best Custom" and "Best Paint". Check out more photos of the 69er here.

1965   -  Detriot Autorama "Ridler Award"

In 1964, Mike and Larry began working on a ’56 Chevrolet for Bobby Massaron. With the help of their new hire, 14-year old Ken Yanez, they created the Venturian. The radically modified car won them their first Ridler Award at the 1965 Detroit Autorama. Check out more photos of the Venturian here.

1967   -  Detroit Autorama "Ridler Award"

In 1964, Mike and Larry embarked on one of their most ambitious customizations. The pair collaborated with designer, Harry Bradley, to create a hot rod unlike any before or after it. They transformed a Dodge A100 pickup into the Ridler award-winning Deora. The Deora was later featured in the first Hot Wheels line in 1968. Check out more photos of the Deora here.

1969   -  Detroit Autorama "Ridler Award"

In 1968, Mike and Larry learned that the city planned to raze their shop for freeway expansion. Before permanently shutting their doors, the brothers modified a '23 Ford Roadster. They painted the T-Bucket banana yellow and christened it the Top Banana for its shape and color. Check out more photos of the Top Banana here.

2000   -  Concours d'Elegance "People's Choice"

Mike Alexander reunited with one of the Alexander Brothers most famous customs in 1999. After the passing of Chili Catallo, his son, Curt, set out to restore the car to show at the 2000 Concours d'Elegance in Meadowbrook, MI. The Little Deuce Coupe won "People's Choice" at the show. Check out the Little Deuce Coupe here.

2002   -  Detroit Autorama "Featured Builder"

In 2002, Mike and Larry were honored as Detroit Autorama's featured builders. Several owners of their cars reunited to display them at the 50th Anniversary of the Autorama.

2012   -  Detroit Autorama "Pirelli Great 8"

At the age of 76, Mike Alexander set out to bring his final car vision to life. Mike worked alongside his son, Michael Alexander Jr., and Chip Foose to modify a ’32 Ford Roadster. After devoting four years to the project, he showed Vision 33 at the 2012 Detroit Autorama. The custom placed in Pirelli's Great Eight and made the cover of Rodder's Journal later that year. Check out Vision 33 here.