By Mike and Larry

By Mike and Larry

02.27.16 How-to

Rally Striping

02.27.16 How-to

In 1960, the Alexander Brothers opened their garage doors to 1001 Custom Rod Ideas magazine to walk them through racing-stripe painting the right way.

Everyone knows that one can purchase tape and apply racing stripes to any vehicle but if you paint, the results will be more lasting and add to the appearance of your rally machine. Here, men from Mike and Larry's shop walk through the steps on a Ford Mustang.

First, if the stripes are to be used in the center of the hood and top, a steel tape and pencil are used to mark where the masking tape will be placed. Three quarter-inch masking tape is used and pulled straight down the center of the hood. This is also repeated on the top and rear deck.

Next, to prevent any overspray reaching areas meant to be kept clean, the entire car is papered. Any type will do. The area to be striped should be sanded with #400 paper. Do a neat job in this department.

At this point a good grease and wax remover is used on the stripe area. After all the grease and wax is removed, a fine spray of lacquer is used to cover the stripes.

After the paint is dry the masking tape and paper is removed and the stripes are rubbed out to a fine gloss.

The stripes look as if they had been applied at the factory and blend well with the body paint. You just can't beat paint for this type of work, why try?