All Chrome-Plated and Ready to Burn
The Alexa

In 1960, the brothers partnered with designer, Harry Bradley, to modify their first car together: a 1964 Ford Galaxie. The partnership was formed after Mike became interested in the young industrial designer after seeing his sketches in magazines like Rodding & Restyling and Custom Rodder. The customized Galaxie, called the Alexa, was the first of many cars the brothers and Harry built together.

The Adonis

Bill Whetstone took his Ford Starliner to Mike and Larry to make modest modifications. After tailoring the Adonis to his specifications, Bill returned to the shop in hopes of reworking the front end of the car. The brothers added a front grille made out of Plexiglas, the fenders were pushed in 12 inches, and the wheels slightly tucked in. Bill was so happy with the results that he requested changes on the rear immediately after. Mike and Larry tapped their new connection, Harry Bradley, to take over the remaining design, then worked to create their brand of hot rod: clean and neat. They added a matching rear grille, reshaped the fender with a six-inch curve, hand-formed plastic taillights, and the rear bumper was removed and replaced by a rolled pan. The car was completed with a cherry red finish. The Adonis debuted as part of the 1961 Detroit Autorama where it won Best Custom.