Flared Up and Fired to the Floor
The Deora

The brothers compounded the success of the Venturian with the groundbreaking Dodge Deora they drove out of their garage in 1967. Mike and Larry had hoped that Harry’s beautiful sketches would motivate an OEM to give them a free car for their next project. Their plan worked and they were given a Dodge A100 to customize. Harry’s revolutionary design coupled with Mike and Larry’s innovative interpretation produced a legendary vehicle unlike any other hot rod before or after it. Behind the sleek gold finish, was expert engineering and craftsmanship. Mike and Larry used the back-hatch of a 1960 Ford station wagon to serve as a windshield, the engine and transmission were moved out of the cab and into the trunk. The door-less car was accessible by lifting up the windshield, swiveling the lower gate, and entering through the front. The pickup got its name from a contest sponsored by AMT. The thirteen-year-old winner named it The Deora, a technically incorrect translation of “golden” in Spanish. The car was revealed at the 1967 Detroit Autorama where it took home nine awards, including the Ridler.

Following the Autorama, Chrysler leased The Deora for two years to tour the country and promote Dodge. They also gave Mike and Larry a 1966 Dodge Barracuda for their next project.